Community Health Ministry

Mission Statement: 

Community Health Ministry was created with the understanding, which has been recognized since earliest Christianity, that the Church has a role in healing.

The very nature of the Church is to be a healing community in the holistic concept of recognizing health as encompassing mind, body, and spirit.

This ministry stresses health maintenance and illness prevention.

A Partnership:

Community Health Ministry is a partnership between:  Buffalo Lutheran Church of Buffalo, First Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, and St. Thomas Catholic Church of Buffalo.

What is a Parish Nurse? 

The Parish Nurse is an experienced registered nurse who is committed to the caring and healing ministry.  The Parish Nurse works in collaboration with the pastors, the Community Health Ministry Committee, other ministries and volunteers who share their time and talent to help others. The focus of the Parish Nurse is on health promotion, wellness and preventive care.  It does not substitute for pastoral care, medical care, community health nursing or social agencies, but rather works in collaboration with these services.

Who is the Parish Nurse?

Gwen Fraase, RN. Phone # 701-633-5533.
Email:  No fee is charged for Parish Nurse services.  All information exchanged is strictly confidential. Donations are welcomed and appreciated.

What Can a Parish Nurse do? 

Primarily functions in the areas of disease prevention, early detection and assessment, wellness promotion and education. Counsels individuals on questions of personal health. Visits with people in the hospital, at the nursing home or their private home. Functions as a wellness advocate and health educator. Teaches classes in health and health care. Assists in finding community resources to meet health needs and makes referrals. Resource for people with special needs. Helps with transitions from home to Health Care Facility. Offers Spiritual Care.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month.

Group Members

Carmen Gubrud

Vice Chairman
Colleen Buhr

Karen Tabor

Colleen Clancy